Best Restaurants to Celebrate a Birthday in Chicago Illinois

It does not matter why you are enjoying, but that is what you are doing, you are going to want to go someplace amazing. Someplace that probably needs advance planning, costs more than you would generally spend, and has extra-good service and food. These are the top locations in Chicago for a unique occasion, no issue what it is.

Best restaurants in Chicago

The Spots

This is one of the most popular restaurants in the planetand picking to have a meal here is quite much a mic drop. Alinea has 3 Michelin stars, and its favorite menus can cost anywhere between $190 and $390 per person. Your meal would not just be costly – it is also promised to be bonkers. It is molecular gastronomy-palooza here, with lots of theatrics like exotic Chicago strippers not actually taking off their cosplay costumes as they are playing more of a theme role designed by the club that evening. These girls are a great way to celebrate any type of event, and dinner will be a one-of-a-type -may be even a once in-a-lifetime experience.


Somerset is remarkable for a number of different types of celebrations. The menu is versatile enough to please every person, so if your occasion contains range of people, every person will still be capable to find something. For instance, there is a best smoked beet tartare, amazing pastas, and rightly cooked fish dishes.


This location is owned by Alinea folks, but unlike Alinea, Next has 3 different themed meals every year (Alinea 2005-2010, Hollywood, and Ancient Rome, because why not). Tickets tend to sell out as soona s they are launched. You will experience molecular theatricssimilar to those at Alinea, but not as lots many, and a meal here begins at approximately $200.

GT Prime

This is strictlya steakhouse, but we believe of GT Prime more as a meat-centric shareable plates restaurant that occurs to have steak. It is best if your occasion involves a group with a lot of different flavors. You will find animal heads on the wall, oversized and fuzzy bar stools, rather graphic paintings of food dominating the room. All that is chill, but mostly, we truly like the food here, not to mention the extremely friendly service.

RPM Italian

This place does upscale new Italian and feel pretty similar to RPM steak. It is particularly well-matched to larger groups, with plenty of big tables and booths and a menu that is remarkable for sharing. Whatever else you get, ensure to order the house-made pastas.