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Worldwide reconstructive surgeries are grooming and new techniques and technologies are introduced and experimented to make them more and more useful and lucrative for associates. This medical field is also expanding in Pakistan rapidly. One of the common procedures done a different way to hair transplant surgery. This could be the surgical method of treating baldness. Baldness can be caused by many reasons and most commonly seen cause is the endocrine malfunction. Women are usually suffering hair loss thanks to iron deficiency or during child birth or motherhood. There could be number of reasons might be sorted out after consultation with an expert hair doctor. Hair transplantation is a method of placing hair grafts inside of the bald area after extracting from the donor district.

This extraction and insertion could be done using various techniques depending upon the candidate, the required number of grafts along with the affordability of the homeowner. Most commonly used techniques are the Strip Harvesting and Follicle Unit Extraction. There is major difference in both individuals and it directly affects the cost and company’s surgery. In the Strip method the strip of hair grafts is peeled from the back from the head which is referred to as donor area. Hair Transplant Vancouver is usually cm long depending upon the bald area and number of grafts to be planted. There is a minimal scar left where this strip is taken though it could be hidden under your natural hair later.

Under a microscope these hair follicles are dissected with micro surgical knife blades. With the help of an instrument these hairs are replanted the actual world recipient area. This whole procedure is performed under localized anesthesia. The other technique is FUE, this can be an advanced method and there no incision given in fact it is least invasive method utilized all around the modern world. Celebrity Hair Transplants Pictures wonder how a surgery could be practiced without scar, incision or without touch.

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