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Are about arts and culture Do you in order to now about historical scenario you a fan of architectural creations If answers for all the above questions are in positive, then Glasgow is certainly a place to visit for you. This city has been tagged as the City of Architecture and also the European City of Culture. Glasgow is situated in Scotland and it is the fourth largest city in the uk U.K Once there the time when this city was economically poor but nowadays it has recovered to a metropolis in-town.

In Glasgow, you locate booming beauty of arts and culture. The art of Victorian age reflects the architecture of Great Victorian times. This is the reason why this city is a great hub of Scottish films, music, writing, theater as well as. The Cathedral of Glasgow is the oldest building which is now restructured as a memorial. Also, there are many other museums in this city that are decorated with a huge bunch of historical era. According for the report of Tourism Administration of Glasgow, more than a single million visitors reach for the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum during a year.

This huge figure indicates that it is certainly a good place to visit for the art lovers. Besides these artistic and cultural happenings, you can also visit various sights in Glasgow. The famous river of the city, River Clyde has always been an attraction for attendees. There are also some other places to explore in countryside, mountains and coastline. Glasgow is also known as being a city of parks. Get ready to enjoy the beauty of nature with a combination of technology in these parks. The most famous and beautiful park of Glasgow is Victoria Park, which was named to memorize Queen Victoria.