Why will i Need one particular Stamford Car accident Lawyer

Several recent South Florida accidents underscore the need for bicyclists and drivers adhere to motor vehicle laws and bicycling safety regulations. In North Lauderdale, two boys riding bikes on Tam O’Shanter Boulevard near Rock Island Road were struck by a motorist. As documented by police, one boy was towing the other boy who was also riding a bike, when they were struck. Both boys were taken to the hospital with nonlifetreating injuries. Within a second accident, a Boynton Beach man was a lot of lucky. He was riding a motorized threewheel bicycle when he was struck: he later died from his injuries.

Many people are not aware that bicycles are classed as vehicles and riders are considered drivers. As such, Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer Joseph M. Maus says that Florida Statutes require bicyclists to follow the same rules of the actual as the drivers of cars, trucks, and bikes. In addition, there are specific regulations that apply to bikes, particularly the requirement that, if being ridden at night, bicycles must have a front light that can rise to the top for feet and a rear light that is from feet away.

Furthermore, Florida law requires bicyclists under years old to wear a properly fitted helmet that meets nationally recognized standards when riding: the helmet increases cycling safety and helps make cyclists more visible to drivers. The Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer notes there presently exist simple steps that could be taken by both motorists and cyclists to aid in increasing cycling safety: The most important safety tip this Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer gives is that it is vital to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, especially for children.

car accident lawyers phoenix is hit in percent of accidents and head injuries account for more than percent of bicyclerelated fatalities. In addition, it is estimated that between to percent of a bicyclist’s brain injuries could be prevented just by wearing a helmet. Children don’t always think of safety first, so it is crucial to start them out right when they realize how to ride a bike: require them wear a helmet at all times while riding. For more information, contact Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer Joseph M.